Smirnoff: The King of Cocktails

Versatile, refreshing, classic: The world’s most popular vodka is at the heart of every frosty cocktail, from Caesars to Martinis. Just add club soda, juice or any other inspired mixer of the moment. It’s that simple. Consider it the clear favourite.

Crowd-Pleaser Smirnoff Cocktails

Clear, clean and silky-smooth: This vodka is the go-to foundation for cocktails both iconic and of-the-moment cool. Enjoy it with lime and ginger beer in a Moscow Mule, or go simple-chic, with a classic Martini or Caesar.

Creating an Original

Smirnoff has long been the vodka of choice for czars and celebrities – not to mention modern-day James Bond. Little wonder. It’s based on a prized Russian recipe dating back to 1864 that delivers a distinctive pure, clean and ultra-smooth taste, thanks to its triple-distilled, 10-times filtered process and corn base.

That base means it's an ideal and and versatile choice for today's cocktail lovers. A true original, Smirnoff is also available in more than a dozen flavours, from orange and raspberry to lime and watermelon, making it the go-to brand for everyone wanting to create their very own signature summer sipper.

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