Must-Try Whiskies

To give your autumn whisky shopping and upcoming holiday gift giving a head start, find some inspiration with this list. We’re featuring whiskies from Canada, the United States and Scotland (and even a couple of ready-to-drink options!) to remind you that there’s a world of possibilities to discover. Cheers!
Canadian Club Chronicles 41 Year Old

Barrelled in 1977 to mark the birthplace of the legendary Canadian Club in Windsor and left to mature and mellow since, this extraordinary release was just named Canadian Whisky of the Year by Jim Murray.  As it’s part of the distillery’s CC Chronicles series, expect to be wowed by the smooth, creamy body and complexity of flavours. Vanilla, dried fruit, salted caramel and wood spice all unfold with a prickle of heat tingling on the finish.

Gooderham & Worts Eleven Souls

The inspiration for bringing together 11 different whisky components (grain types, distilling methods and barrel types) is found in William Gooderham’s long-ago adoption of 11 orphans, but the real story is the sheer complexity and flavours on display in this special release. Look for crisp orchard fruit, honey, pepper, spice and a touch of smoke to satisfy your taste for something special. Part of J.P. Wiser’s Northern Border Series Rare Release collection.

Lot 40 11 Year Old Cask Strength

Here, Master Blender Dr. Don Livermore shows his flair for producing a formidable cask-strength whisky, as part of  J.P. Wiser’s Northern Border Series Rare Release collection. Crafted in small batches using rye grain in a single copper pot still, it has bold flavours that lead with ripe fruit aromas and hints of toffee before a full-bore attack of apple, soothing vanilla, edgy rye, black pepper and a note of clove. The quietly persistent finish is dry and warming.

Pike Creek 21 Year Old European Oak

Don’t miss out on this rare release — the second annual interpretation as selected by Master Blender Dr. Don Livermore, and part of J.P. Wiser’s Northern Border Series Rare Release collection. This 21-year-old whisky is finished in French and Hungarian oak casks to deliver an exceptionally smooth spirit. Light and crisp on the entry, it has an intrigue of dried fruit, honey and nutmeg followed with a perfectly perched endnote of vanilla.


White Owl Whisky

For a clearly different approach to your whisky appreciation, reach for this white whisky the next time cocktail hour calls. It’s first aged in charred bourbon barrels, and then the colour is filtered out, leaving a clean, clear and soft spirit that’s perfect for mixing. The understated notes of caramel and spice mingle with citrus and butterscotch aromas to create a highly adaptable and sippable whisky.