Host an Irish Pub Night at Home

Recreate the warm welcome of an Irish pub with a festive St. Patrick's Day celebration — without leaving the house! Gather all of your best mates and make some magic with this roundup of our favourite traditional drinks and dishes.


Some Tips for an Authentic Pub Experience

1. Keep it lively with Irish music — add in a few traditional dance moves, and you've got a ceilidh, a friendly Gaelic jamboree.

2. Take your time with that Guinness. A proper pint can take up to three minutes to pour!

3. Comfort and craic (meaning "fun" or "a good laugh") are at the heart of the Irish pub experience.

4. Traditional pub fare is hearty for a reason — not only is it comforting, but  eating before and while you drink is also a great way to enjoy responsibly.


Classic Beers

Toast the day with one of these Irish brews – all of these make a great house beer for an at-home pub-night!

Irish Whiskey

Brush up on your knowledge of Irish Whiskey so you'll have lots to chat about while sipping on these fantastic finds.

Celebratory Cocktails

Toast the occasion with one of our favourite St. Patrick's Day cocktails.

Irish-Inspired Dishes

This traditional feast is excellent for both a buffet-style or sit-down meal.

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