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Muskoka Brewery & Born Ruffians

For Mitch Derosier, bassist of Toronto-based band, Born Ruffians, being on tour is a bit like being at sea — everything is constantly shifting. “When you get to a new venue, you’re looking for a beer — just a beer!” says Derosier. “A lot of times you’ll find these pretty whacky local beers backstage and they throw you for a loop.” 


So when Muskoka Brewery approached the quartet to collaborate on a beer for Session Craft Beer Festival, the band asked for something clean and crisp that they could drink while on tour. “We kept their ideal tasting notes front-of-mind when crafting the recipe,” says Shannon Mulligan, Muskoka Brewery’s marketing coordinator. “And we put the band to work on the brew day. They packaged bottles, visited the lab, brewed the beer and later we even sent a bunch of different beers to taste blindly — it was incredible to watch their beer knowledge grow.”


The result was Ruff Draft, a blonde ale bursting with pineapple aromas thanks to the generous helping of hops the band threw into the brew kettle. “We feel like the beer is as much ours as it is Muskoka’s,” says Derosier. The foursome was on hand to pour their beer for festivalgoers at this summer’s Session Craft Beer Festival. Imbibers dug it as much as the Ruffians did, voting it the best of the fest and earning the brew the prize of becoming an official LCBO release. (Look for it on our shelves next spring). In the meantime, the Born Ruffians are gearing up for a cross-Canada tour this September with the Tokyo Police Club. 


Taste Muskoka's Must-Try Brew: Mad Tom IPA was inspired by late-night stories told around the fire. And beer lovers will go mad for this citrusy IPA bursting with lemon peel, mango and pine aromas, followed by a long, dry finish.  

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We Put Muskoka's Must-Hear Music on Our Craft-Beer Playlist:


"We Made It," Born Ruffians

“This is one of our favourite Born Ruffians tracks. Not only is it a great song, but there’s a line that says, ‘We’ll give all we can,’ and that’s what we try to do every day.”

"Not My Girl," Tokyo Police Club

“Every time it’s on in the Tap Room, you can’t stop people from doing these little private dance-alongs as they’re sampling our beers.” 





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