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Errol Nazareth's Primavera Party Playlist

This list wouldn't be complete without the great crooners Paola Conte and Carlo Buti and EDM godfather Giorgio Moroder (topical, as he just did a single with Kylie Minogue). But it also has some disco, jazz, folk and several Canadians like Michael Ochippinti, Daniela Nardi and Dominic Mancuso — all of whom are doing superb work reinterpreting Italian jazz and folk. Also included are a few female singers. (Italian music is the most male-dominated genre, it seems.)


“L'ultima Donna” by Paolo Conte (Best of Paolo Conte)

“Un Alta Vita” by Daniela Nardi (Espresso Manifesto)

“Sofisticata” by Fred Buscaglione (Il favoloso Fred Buscaglione)

“Un Bacio a Mezzanotte” by Quartetto Cetro (Quartetto Cetro Best Hits)

“Mi Persi” by Daniele Silvestri (Il Latitante)

“Utopia (Me Giorgio)” by Giorgio Moroder (From Here To Eternity... And Back)

“Try It Out” by Gino Soccio (The Best of Gino Soccio)

“Flor De Coca” by Number One Ensemble (Essential Italian Disco Classics 1977-1985)

“Cocktail Martino” by Estate feat. Francesca Gramegna (The Wine Lounge Selection – Italian Lounge Vol. 2)

“Come Back to Sorrento” by Dean Martin (The Very Best of Dean Martin)

“Me Siento Timida” by Caterina Casseli (Italian Classics: Women Sessanta)

“Sentimentale” by Mina (Una Mina d'amore)

“The Almond Sorters” by Sicilian Jazz Project (Michael Ochippinti)

“Oh Marie” by Tomasa Giovanni (Mama Mia: Classic Italian Songs)

“Primo Amore” by Carlo Buti (The Very Best Of)

“Favi Amari” by Dominic Mancuso (Comfortably Mine)


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