Grill Remix

Rub, smear, slather or paste: Count on globally inspired spice mixtures to up your grilling game this season. Whether your fave barbecue fare is chicken or steak, these simple seasonings bring pizzazz and personality. Check out our grill recipes for more rub recipe options, and don’t be afraid to try them with pork, fish and veggies, too.

Island Spice Rub

If a cup of joe perks you up in the morning, just think how coffee can add kick to a grill. Caribbean seasonings — thyme, cumin and a burst of cayenne — combine with coffee to give a tropical twist to steak, pork or chicken.   


Citrus-Rosemary Rub

The sunny-tasting dishes of Portugal feature Mediterranean and North African flavours, and our citrusy rub channels both. The fresh lemon zest marries with the anise  avour of fennel seeds and a smoky hit of paprika to perfectly season chicken, pork or fish.


Ginger-Soy Slather

Punchy Asian flavours of soy sauce, sesame oil, ginger and garlic — and our new fave seasoning, Korean hot pepper paste (a.k.a., gochujang) — elevate this slather to lip-smacking territory. It’s a must with steak, but also good with chicken or pork.



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