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An Aperol Spritz is a classic Italian cocktail that's bubbly and refreshingly bitter. Bittersweet with an intense tangerine zest flavour and aroma, Aperol liqueur is balanced by herbs and subtle spice. Try it in a cocktail or on the rocks. We've even created a low-alcohol Aperol Spritz! 


What better on a summer afternoon than, well, a Summer Afternoon cocktail! Ours features fresh berries and herbs with Bacardi Mango Fusion, a flavoured rum that tastes like fresh mango and marmalade. Or, for something a little different, mix up Glayva Sparkling Cranberry cocktails. Guests will be intrigued by the eclectic flavours of Glayva, a Scottish liqueur with notes of honey, herbs, spice and smoke. 


You'll find lots more tasty mixed drinks in our Cocktail Lounge. Just remember to keep lots of ice, water, cold soda and fruit juice on hand so everyone can stay cool and hydrated with alcohol-free options. 






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