LCBO'S Guide to Hands-on Learning

Celebrate the best winter has to offer — you know, warm drinks, yummy comfort food and festive holidays — at one of our many enticing classes. From advanced wine and Scotch tastings to local beers and classic cocktail sampling, we’ve got a lot on offer, and that’s not even counting our mouth-watering cooking classes! Register now and instantly upgrade your winter.

Wine Appreciation

Forget the notion that wine knowledge is lots of technical terms and lofty descriptions. The LCBO’s Wine Appreciation series dispels the myth with a fun approach to the constantly evolving world of wine. An expert Product Consultant will highlight all aspects of winemaking and food pairings (even for tricky dishes like chocolate desserts!), plus give you the inside scoop on wine-producing countries, regions and grape varieties. All this in your choice of three four-week sessions: Introduction to Wine Appreciation, Wines of the Old World and Wines of the New World. Classes are 2 hours in length and you will be able to sample between six and eight products each week of the four-week course.

Tutored Tastings

Why not rely on a pro? Our Tutored Tastings let you do just that as one of our expert Product Consultants reveals a whole new approach to tasting in lively and engaging seminars. Classes range from 1 to 1 ½ hours, and you will be able to sample six products.

Perfect Pairing

Matching food with drink shouldn’t be a mystery. Sip and sample drinks which we will serve with specially chosen food matches in our highly informative Perfect Pairings seminars. Eat, drink and learn how easy it is to complement menus with wine, spirits and beer.

Cooking Classes

LCBO Cooking Classes let you get creative as you learn how to prepare some of your favourite menu items. Classes include a small food sample of each prepared recipe paired with a complementary wine, spirit or beer chosen by our expert Product Consultants. Classes are 2 hours in length and you will be able to sample three products. Our classes are demonstration-only unless specified as hands-on. Full-meal classes will feature larger portions of each dish.