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Local spirits, barbecue-ready wines and seasonal exclusives: celebrate Canada’s 150th summer with this special selection of products. See what else is new in stock.

Whisky Tradition

We’ve long been a whisky-loving nation, with a reputation for producing world-class spirits. Now there are two new ones to try.

100% Pure Rye

From Dillon’s comes this small-batch 100 percent Ontario rye. Spicy and smooth, with great grain complexity, it’s best savoured neat or poured over a large ice cube.

Kavi Reserve Coffee Blended Canadian Whisky

For java lovers, there’s Kavi, a well-balanced blend of rich, earthy coffee and classic Canadian whisky. Imagine sweet toffee and dark chocolate melded with bold rye, and you’ve got quite the combination.

Kannūk is Canada

This new small-batch vodka is as Canadian as it gets.

Cool Canadian

Handcrafted in Niagara, it’s distilled from four ingredients, chosen to represent our diverse cultural roots. The result is smooth and satisfying. And that bottle! Strikingly tall, with a maple wood top, it was designed with multiculturalism in mind: the four corners represent the four corners of the world. If the red on the label looks familiar, it’s because it’s the same colour as the Canadian flag.

Barbecue Wines

When you’re set to fire up the grill, stock up on these casual, affordable and much-loved Ontario wines.