Craft a Whisky Cocktail with Frankie Solarik

Award-winning mixologist Frankie Solarik, an international pioneer of the progressive and contemporary approach to cocktails, feels we need to give whisky its due. “There is a misconception about whisky cocktails because the spirit is traditionally referenced as drinking neat,” he says. “But the use of accent spirits and liqueurs, fortified wines, simple syrups and fresh herbs is a great way to create whisky cocktails at home with approachability in mind.”

Frankie, who has appeared as a guest judge on Food Network’s popular cooking show Top Chef Canada, created this delicious Mint and Maple Fizz for the LCBO to demonstrate just how well whisky works in a cocktail.

“Maple syrup adds beautiful richness, depth, viscosity and balance,” says Frankie. “Amaro adds complexity, with undertones of orange blossom and caramelized baking spice, and bridges the other ingredients. Soda water accentuates the fresh herbs and brings all the concentrated flavours to the surface.”


Mint and Maple Fizz


1½ oz rye whisky

½ oz maple syrup

½ oz Amaro Lucano

3 oz apple juice, unfiltered

2 sprigs mint

2 oz soda water


In a Collins glass, pour rye, maple syrup, Amaro, apple juice and leaves from mint. Muddle to extract essential oils from mint. Fill glass with ice and stir to mix. Top with soda water and garnish with a sprig of fresh mint.




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