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helloLCBO survey

Customers reported that contact centre agents are friendly and provide great service.

Survey shows 80 per cent would recommend helloLCBO

The latest results from our regular contact centre survey show 80 per cent of customers would recommend helloLCBO.

The helloLCBO contact centre has been asking for feedback from customers since the launch of a Customer Satisfaction Survey last year. The latest results for the month of August show eight out of 10 customers would recommend helloLCBO to others.

“This is a great indicator that we are on the right track,” says Athol Robertson, manager, helloLCBO.

The survey was launched to gather information and to better understand customer needs, as well as addressing opportunities to improve.

The survey also allows the contact centre to reach out to customers who have had a negative experience to address their concerns quickly. By measuring and tracking customer satisfaction, helloLCBO can put new processes in place to increase the overall quality of the customer service experience.

“We believe that customer satisfaction surveys give us the feedback we need to provide the best customer experience, and the insights we gain allow us to make better decisions for business success,” Athol says. “We continue to strive for excellence for our customers.”

The following are some of the positive customer comments the contact centre had recently received:

  • “I was amazed at the prompt, helpful service I received. I have already told anyone who will listen how helpful I found helloLCBO. A really nice change in this day and age. A service that actually uses technology that works!”
  • “The agent was great. Very knowledgeable and friendly.”

  • “Met/exceeded my expectations considering the number of inquiries I'm sure you receive.”
  • “Appreciated the quick response and resolution to my inquiry. Keep up the great service. Thanks.”
  • “I was impressed you even offered this type of service.  I was surprised how quickly I received a response. Thank so much.”

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