John Kennedy of LCBO Resource Protection assisted Guelph Police in the investigation. April 2013

Spending Spree Derailed

LCBO staff help stop organized crime in Guelph.

(APRIL 2013)—Prompt action by employees in three Guelph-area LCBO stores helped put a stop to the activities of an organized crime group that had been on a stolen credit card spending spree in February. 

Three Guelph-area stores were visited by individuals making purchases of multiple high-end Cognac products.  Employees at the three stores instinctively contacted one another and confirmed the same people had made similar purchases at each location. The same vehicle was spotted at each location as well.

When a purchase at one store was declined, the police were contacted immediately and officers used the information supplied to them by the LCBO to locate and apprehend the suspects. 

John Kennedy of Resource Protection has been liaising with Guelph Police to assist them in their ongoing investigation. “Guelph Police were pleased and impressed that LCBO employees acted so promptly to alert one another and authorities,” John says. “The group had made purchases of almost $30,000 in less than two days at retailers in Guelph alone. Thankfully their activity was cut short as a result of information provided by LCBO store employees, who also ensured that no other LCBO locations were targeted.”

John added that this is another great example of how effective the LCBO intelligence network can be and how important it is to provide information through the Incident Reporting System.

Fortunately, John was able to recover property that had been seized by the police and returned it to the appropriate store inventory.



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