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Challenge & Refusal recording is expected to be easier and more accurate with a new touchscreen application, as demonstrated by Jessie Harper, analyst, User Acceptance Testing.

Challenge & Refusal recording goes touchscreen

A new touchscreen application being rolled out to LCBO stores will modernize Challenge & Refusal recording by retail employees.

The Challenge & Refusal recording process is being modernized with the introduction of a new touchscreen application.

LCBO’s Challenge & Refusal program prevents sales to people who are underage or appear intoxicated, or who are suspect of purchasing alcohol for an underage or intoxicated person.

With the old recording system, when Retail store staff performed a challenge, the recording process was made through the cash register keyboard. Staff had to scroll through a menu to select and record the reason for the challenge.

“The new touchscreen puts all the options on one screen, which makes the process not only faster but easier to select the appropriate reason when a challenge is made by a staff member,” explains Vern Shapiro, manager, User Acceptance Testing, Retail POS Services & Support. The new application also enables staff to record multiple challenges within a transaction.

Other benefits of the new touchscreen include the ability to provide continuous and customizable messaging for customers and staff with respect to having ID ready, and positioning the touchscreen application so it can accommodate both left-handed and right-handed employees.

A five-store pilot of the touchscreen began in July and a rollout to all stores is expected later this summer.

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