Corporate Social Responsibility 

Corporate social responsibility is a key element of the LCBO’s mandate and has been since our inception in 1927.

There are many definitions for Corporate Social Responsibility – for LCBO it’s about how we conduct our business and manage policy and procedures to produce an overall positive impact on society.

This is also reflected in our mission statement: “We make a difference in Ontario, by being a best in class, socially responsible, customer-focused and profitable retailer of beverage alcohol.”

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The LCBO’s corporate social responsibility mandate has at its core four pillars:

Responsible Retailing and Consumption

A leading reason the LCBO exists is to help ensure beverage alcohol is sold in a responsible manner throughout Ontario. While the way we retail beverage alcohol has changed substantially since 1927, one thing that has remained constant is our dedication to preventing sales to minors, intoxicated adults and those buying for either party (known as second-party purchases).

The commitment and vigilance of our frontline staff to protecting the people of Ontario each and every day is reflected in the Challenge & Refusal statistics: more than 14.4 million in fiscal 2016-17, and 258,628 refusals – 82 per cent for reasons of age.

LCBO has a number of initiatives encouraging responsible consumption, including the Always Taking Care website which provides responsible hosting tips and tools and helps to prevent impaired driving.

Learn more about responsible retailing and consumption.

Product Quality and Safety

The LCBO has a responsibility to the buying public to help ensure the products we sell are safe to drink and authentic.

The LCBO’s Quality Assurance department conducts more than 633,000 laboratory tests and tastes more than 6,800 products each year. These tests confirm that beverage alcohol products purchased in Ontario are safe to consume, authentic and meet the standards set out in Canada’s Food and Drugs Act and Consumer Packaging and Labeling Act and their related regulations.

The LCBO’s world-renowned laboratory meets high standards set by the Geneva-based International Organizations for Standardization and is registered under ISO 9001, as well as under ISO/IEC 17025, a designation specific to chemistry laboratories.

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Environmental Sustainability

As a major retailer, we have a responsibility to minimize our environmental footprint and contribute positively to environmental sustainability and stewardship in our province. The LCBO has initiated many environmental programs that minimize waste, improve energy efficiency and reduce negative impact on the environment.

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Community Involvement and Fundraising

We have a responsibility to help our fellow Ontarians and to bring together LCBO employees and customers to support causes we all care about.

In 2016, thanks to our generous customers, the LCBO raised a record-breaking $13.3 million for worthy causes across Ontario.

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