Procurement Services

The LCBO promotes open, competitive bidding for the acquisition of goods and services. Procurement Services ensures that a fair and transparent bidding process is adhered to.

Supplier Code of Business Conduct

The LCBO expects all suppliers to adhere to the LCBO’s Supplier Code of Business Conduct (“Supplier Code”), which is available at The Supplier Code of Business Conduct. The Supplier Code sets out principles applicable to all suppliers (including both suppliers of beverage alcohol products and suppliers of non-alcohol goods or services) that wish to establish and maintain a business relationship with the LCBO.

The LCBO posts procurement opportunities for goods and/or services (including construction services) with a value of $25,000 CDN or more on Biddingo.

LCBO Information Technology Division – Special Notice

The LCBO’s Information Technology division is interested in obtaining information on the latest technology or innovations in the following areas:

  • Touch screen kiosk and/or video wall for head office and retail stores
  • Internet of things (IOT) which enables store, office, or warehouse objects to collect and exchange data
  • Drone technology
  • Package tracking
  • Near field communication (NFC), Beacons
  • Mobile app and software testing automation
  • Secured mobile device charging station
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) and Software as a Service (SAAS)
  • Retail in-store analytics
  • Virtual customer service consultant
  • Mobile POS and customer experiences
  • Smart shelf and digital price tags

If your company is interested in submitting information on goods and or services listed above please email

Construction Opportunities – Special Notice

Please be advised that effective Wednesday July 1st, 2015, the LCBO will be posting all construction opportunities exclusively on and no longer on the LCBO Procurement Services website.

LCBO encourages vendors to visit to register and select the commodities that pertain to their business. This will result in automatic e-mail notifications of current bid opportunities being sent to vendors for their registered commodities.

The LCBO will no longer maintain a vendor list. Vendors shall be responsible for maintaining their correct information in the database.

For additional information regarding any purchasing matter please email

Beer and Cider in Grocery, RBF 2017-001, Bidder Information Session from February 13th, 2017