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Smoky Alabama Ribs with White BBQ Sauce

Slather these dry-rubbed pork side ribs with Alabama-style white barbecue sauce made with mayo.

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IPA Guacamole

The perennial crowd-pleaser gets a twist with the addition of sweet tomato and India Pale Ale — a hop-heavy style that adds punch to avocado’s silky texture. Serve with old-school corn chips baked pita chips or raw vegetables.

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Poached Salmon with Mustard Pan Sauce

Think beyond fish and chips with simple salmon fillets drizzled with beer-infused mustard sauce. Wheat beer’s zesty flavours taste great with fish and other seafood.

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Beer Cooler Corn on the Cob

Double your beer cooler as a corn cooker instead of turning the kitchen into a sauna. Make sure the cooler is spotless before filling with cobs and covering with boiling hot water. Roll in butter and enjoy with a crisp Pilsner.

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Blueberries with Dark Abbey Ale Whipped Cream

Bake your favourite fudge brownies to serve with in-season berries and a dollop of whipped cream flavoured with dark ale. The rich, malty ale adds a vanilla accent to sweet treats and decadent desserts.

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Grilled Cheese, Apple and Pork Sandwich

Count on a dry or off-dry cider to carve through the richness of melted cheeses in this sophisticated grilled sandwich. The cider’s tangy sweetness complements the shards of green apple while brightening up the savoury goodness of the slivered marinated pork.

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Couscous with Spring Vegetables and Harissa Dressing

Cider’s natural sweetness is the perfect partner for a light meal-in-a-bowl: Couscous with Spring Vegetables and Harissa Dressing, inspired by a spicy North African–inspired sauce. Dashes of caraway, cumin and crushed red peppers dress up leeks, radishes, tomatoes and spiced chickpeas and contrast beautifully with the refreshing taste of apples.

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Glazed Pork Loin Roast with Apricots and Pistachios

Applesauce and pork are a classic pairing, so why not serve Glazed Pork Loin Roast with Apricots and Pistachios with a modern twist — bubbly apple cider. Intensify the fruity flavour of the stuffing by deglazing with cider instead of wine. Cider loves just about every cut of pork — from roasts and chops to bacon, ham or sausages.

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Rhubarb and Apple Tart

Apple cider with apple treats — that’s a delicious no-brainer. Laden with tangy spring fruit and boasting a crumble top, Rhubarb and Apple Tart shines next to the rounded fruity flavour of cider. Serve the tart alone or with a sidecar of vanilla ice cream.

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Beef Ribs with Orange-Bourbon Glaze

Barbecue-braised beef ribs grow ever more tender and succulent glazed with an intensely flavourful sauce.

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Brazillian Beef Ribs

Think of this garlic-parsley-chile sauce as a fresh-tasting South American version of pesto.

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Hawaiian Ribs

Make your own barbecue sauce using a few staples like pineapple juice, sugar and hot pepper flakes.

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Five-Spice Sticky Ribs

Asian-inspired pork back ribs are lacquered with honey, sherry and hoisin sauce.

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Warm Potato Salad with Summer Sausage

The key to delicious potato salad is the potatoes need to be introduced to the vinegar while they’re still hot. By some culinary alchemy, the hot potatoes take on the earthy flavours of the vinegar, which contrasts beautifully with the fattier dressing.

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White Chocolate Mousse with Strawberry Coulis

White Chocolate Mousse with Strawberry Coulis

"Coulis is basically a seedless sauce that you cook down until you get this pure, intense strawberry flavour,” says food-truck chef Tamara Bolger – aka Farm Girl. “Drizzle it on top of the mouse and pour a glass of sweet Rosé for a summertime dessert that’s simple and delicious."

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Halibut with Strawberry-Mango Salsa

Pan-Seared Halibut with Strawberry-Mango Salsa, Jalapeno and Lime

"The sweet strawberries temper the lime and jalapenos so well,"says Kingston, ON, based food-truck chef Tamara Bolger. "I had a few friends over recently and everyone raved about this dish. It’s perfect for summer – served with a chilled glass of dry or off-dry Rosé, of course."

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Strawberry Bruschetta

Slice baguette into 12–16 diagonal slices and brush each side with olive oil...

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Red Quinoa Salad with Strawberries

Red Quinoa Salad with Strawberries, Feta and Balsamic Dressing

“Our quinoa salad is a favourite on the food truck, and this strawberry version strikes a perfect balance of flavours, and pairs wonderfully with a chilled glass of semi-sweet Rosé,” says Tamara Bolger, who runs her Farm Girl food truck out of Kingston, ON. “It’s just so colourful and fresh; the perfect summer salad, and so healthy.”

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Summer Rosé Granita

Serve in a wine glass garnished with orange or lemon zest and a strawberry.

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Ontario Strawberry Jam with Rosé Wine

Hull the strawberries. Gently mix berries with the rosé and sugar in a large, nonreactive bowl. Cover the bowl with parchment paper and refrigerate overnight...

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Strawberry Mascarpone Tart With Rosé Glaze

Place rosé and sugar in a medium sized saucepan and bring to a boil, stirring every minute or so until sugar is dissolved...

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Pale Ale BBQ Sauce

It's may be a BBQ sauce, but this delicious concoction makes a fantastic dunking dip for fries.

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Cheddar Croque Madame

Heat milk, mustard, bay leaf and thyme in a medium saucepan over medium heat.

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Jerk Chicken with Pineapple Salsa

Pumpkin pie spices mimic the flavors of Jamaican jerk chicken. This dish is a simple way to bring tropical flavours to your table.

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Spiced Perry

Clean, fresh pear flavour and fine bubbles give this cider its creamy texture. It’s perfect over ice with lime and spiced rum.

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Cider Sbagliato

Stir Cynar or Campari and Amaro Montenegro over ice. Strain into a double rocks glass filled with ice. Top with Cider and stir gently. Garnish with a thick lemon twist.

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Get tangy apple flavour with no artificial sweeteners or colours. Pour Somersby Apple Cider over frozen cubes of India Pale Ale for a totally refreshing cocktail.

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Strawberry Rosé Cooler

Serve over ice in Collins glasses and garnish with sliced strawberries and a sprig of fresh mint...

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Negroni Sbagliato Rosa

Though its name translates to "incorrect Negroni," this cocktail is light and airy "and all about the summer patio," says Nick Kennedy of Salt Wine Bar in Toronto.

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New York Sour

"This drink looks really pretty in the glass, and the Rosé works well with the bourbon and lemon," says Nick Kennedy of Salt Wine Bar in Toronto.

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Rosé Sangria

"Rosé is full of ripe, red berry flavour, and so it's the perfect fit for a summer-fruit sangria," says Nick Kennedy of Salt Wine Bar in Toronto.

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